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Virtual Pulse Privacy Policy

Last Updated: May 2018

Virtual Pulse Team protects your privacy and security. When you install our software from Microsoft Store, you trust us with your information. This Privacy Policy informs you about data we collect, why we collect it, and how we use it. Please take time to read it carefully.

We offer you a wide range of products running under Windows 10 OS. You can use our software to search for and share information, to communicate with other people, to create new content, etc. When you share information with us, for example by making purchases at Microsoft Store, by sending us a feedback, by logging in your Google Account, we can make our services even better to give you more productive experience, to help you connect with people or to make sharing with others quicker and easier. We want you to be clear how we use your information and how we protect your privacy.

Updated Privacy Statement also takes effect and follow all requirements of the treaty after May 25, 2018.

Virtual Pulse o.s.r. Privacy Policy explains:

  • Information we collect
  • How we use your personal data
  • How we share personal data
  • How we access and control your personal data
  • Other important privacy information

Information we collect

We collect your personal data to make our services even better and provide perfect experience for all of our users. You provide some of this data directly, such as when you make a purchase via your Microsoft account, login in the software if it is required, connect with your friends in communication software, pay for a subscription or make in-app purchases, contact us for support, etc. We get some of it by recording how you interact with our software, for example, receiving error reports or usage data from software running on your device.

We collect information in the following ways:

Information you give us. First of all, to install Virtual Pulse products via Microsoft Store, you need to login to your Microsoft account. Also, some of our products for Google Services require connecting to your Google Account. You’ll be asked for personal information, like your name, email address, password, etc. If you want to take full advantage of the features we offer, you might also purchase a subscription, which may require your credit card credentials. The data we collect depends on the context of your interactions with Microsoft Store products, the choices you make, including the products and features you use. If it is necessary to provide a certain information to use the software, you may not be able to use it or some of its features.

Information we get from your use. We collect information about the software that you use and how you use it, like when you watch a video on YouTube; listen to music on Google Play Music,, SoundCloud; chat with friends on Google Hangouts; work with files uploaded from your device; manage your photos on Google Photos; purchase more features via in-app additions; order a subscription for the app; other depending on your work with the software. This information includes:

Device and usage information

We collect device-specific information and how your device interacts with our software. For example, your device model, operating system version, device identifiers, network information, version of the software you own.

Log information

We collect data about the features you use, the items you purchase, and services you connect through the software. When you use our software or view content provided by Google services, we collect certain information in server logs. This includes:

  • Details of how you used our software
  • Personal information like your phone number, logins and passwords, credit card number
  • Internet protocol address (if software requires the internet connection)
  • Device information such as OS, model, crashes, system activity, hardware settings, language

Location information

When you use Virtual Pulse software, we may collect information about your location. We use various ways to determine location, for example, Wi-Fi access points, device’s location.

Unique software numbers

Each software includes own number and information about your installation (for example, the operating system type and application version number) may be sent to us when you install (purchase) or uninstall it from Microsoft Store.

Interests and favorites

Our software includes the feature of “Favorites”. We collect data about your interests and favorites, such as content you search for using our software, the favorite music or video content, and other. In addition to those you explicitly provide, your interests and favorites may also be inferred or derived from other data we collect.


We use also collect information, like your email address, the content of messages you send to us, such as feedback and product reviews you write, or questions and information you provide when interacting with us directly. When you contact us for customer support your data may be monitored and recorded. For example, we may send you a notification about new products, upcoming changes or improvements to our products.

How we use your personal data

Product usage. We use your personal data we collect from all of our products to provide, maintain, protect and improve them, to develop new ones, to protect your privacy, to give you a more smooth, efficient and personalized experience.

If you use a product for Google Services, you provide personal data of your Google Account, we may display your Profile name, Profile photo, and actions you take on the service. We respect your use and limit sharing or visibility settings.

Product improvement. We use your data to improve our products, including adding new features. For example, we use error reports to improve product’s work, usage data to determine what new features to add. Most of all, we receive this data through your feedbacks. See below.

Customer support. When you contact our customer support, we keep communication to help solve any issues you might be facing. We may use your email address to inform you about our new products, top deals, upcoming changes or improvements. Also, we use data provided us via feedbacks to diagnose product problems and fix them in shortest terms.

How we share personal data

We share your personal data only with your agreement or as necessary to complete any transaction or provide any product you have ordered. We may share your content with third parties when you ask us for this. When you provide payment data, we may share it with banks to process payment transactions.

Please note: Virtual Pulse o.s.r. doesn’t have access and don’t use your credit card number, bank account, and other financial information if you do not provide them. All monetary transactions are on Microsoft Store side.

How we access and control your personal data

If you use Virtual Pulse software, we aim to provide you with access to your personal information. We highly protect information from accidental or malicious destruction. After you uninstall the software, we may still access the information you provided us, we may not immediately delete residual copies from our servers. How you can access or control your personal data will depend on which products you use.

Other important privacy information

We take steps to ensure that the data we collect under this privacy statement is processed according to the requirements of applicable law wherever the data is located.

Children Data. If our product collects age it will either block users under 13 years old or will ask them to provide consent from a parent before they can use it. We do not ask children under 13 to provide more data than is necessary to use the product. Moreover, children can use without any personal information being collected.

We will update this privacy statement when necessary to reflect customer feedback and changes in our products. When we post changes to this statement, we will put this info as “last updated” date at the top of the statement. As our products are stored in the Microsoft Store, we also encourage you from time to time to review their privacy policy to learn how Microsoft Store is protecting your information.

Contact Us

Virtual Pulse Team keeps your personal information private and safe and put you in control. If you have a privacy concern, complaint, or a question on general and children privacy, please contact our support team by this email –